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PT. Victorindo is one of the largest pump and valve companies that distribute products from various parties. We provide various types of valves and pumps for palm oil mills. In this case we will introduce one of the KSB products, Aquaflow.
Aquaflow is a pump that handles various applications, such as corrosive slurry handlers, corrosive and abrasive liquids such as crude oil, clay baths, pre cleaners and hydrocyclones. Aquaflow is a centrifugal pump specially designed for handling corrosive liquids.
Aquaflow is a slurry pump with an open impeller. Aquaflow is designed with components that are very supportive to be resistant to corrosive properties. This centrifugal pump has an open impeller with a back pull out design so it is easy to disassemble. This pump has a suction tip with high suction power.
Volute casing is designed to pull back so that maintenance is very easy. The impeller is equipped with a rear propeller that serves to reject solids from the water box that can cook the main engine. Aquaflow already has certification with flanges that follow ISO 005-2 1988E PN16. The standard is intended for the final dimensions of the clutch.
This pump is designed with various attractive accessories, such as volute casing, impeller, seal housing, mechanical seal, bearing housing, bearing cover, bearing, shaft. The bearings on this pump have deep grooves, SFK or equivalent. The bearings on this pump are filled with oil and sealed so that they can be used for automatic lubrication.
This Aquaflow pump can work at a minimum temperature of -80C and a maximum temperature of 120C. The bearings on this Aquaflow pump are designed with direct couple or vee pulley belt driven. The volute casing on this pump is made horizontal in a single stage with a compact operating system.
The feet on the pump mount are made very strong and integrated so they don’t collapse easily. The attractive design of this pump is in terms of its shape and accessories. The striking dark blue makes this Aquaflow pump easily recognizable. Besides that, the silver shaft is the best combination of this pump. This pump has a slim shape on the shaft and bearings. The impeller is made very sturdy. Even so, the impeller can be pulled back easily. This pump is very efficient to carry and place anywhere. In summary, this centrifugal pump has the following specifications:


  • Mechanical Seal – SiC vs. SiC faces, Carbon vs. Ceramic
  • Gland Pack – BURGMANN or equivalent


  • Deep groove bearings, SKF or equivalent
  • Grease filled sealed for life lubrication
  • Oil lubrication – optional.
  • Vee pulley belt driven or direct couple
  • Pump End Sealing – NBR
  • Working Temperature – 80C Max 120C
You might want to own or try a product from KSB, Aquaflow. If you wish, our Victorino company will serve you well and maximally. You can directly visit our place, PT. Victorindo. If not, you can also visit social media or contact our contact below.
For further information, please contact the contact below:
Phone: +62 618 8809 911
LinkedIn: @victorindogroup

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