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Ari Safe

Specification: Chemical Industry,processing industry,plant manufacturing(other applications on request


Specification: Very compact limit switch box polyamide PA6 Transparent polycarbonate cover with integrated large OPEN-CLOSED indicator Direct mounting without mounting bracket on actuators with a… Read More »IP67

Ari Stobu

Specification: Proven technology Solid plug made of stainless material Solid stem made of stainless material Solid seat made of stainless material Stem with roll hardened… Read More »Ari Stobu


Specification: Small diameter piping systems can present real problems when stress required. Space is generally critical. Conventional flanged expansion joints cannot be used without relocating… Read More »Qftu

Opti Gard

Specification: Tested to over 100,000 cycles Non-fragmenting design Manufactured in Hastelloy as standard Standard 2 week lead time Full vacuum service Allows for potential stock… Read More »Opti Gard