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Magnetventil Namur

Specification: Easy change over from 5/2 to 3/2 way function through innovative reversing sealing Air spring return Standard self-locking brass manual override Body anodised aluminum, with minimal external dimensions NAMUR adapter plate PA6-30% fiber glass Stainless steel piston AISI 303,…

Ari Safe

Specification: Chemical Industry,processing industry,plant manufacturing(other applications on request


Specification: Very compact limit switch box polyamide PA6 Transparent polycarbonate cover with integrated large OPEN-CLOSED indicator Direct mounting without mounting bracket on actuators with a hole spacing 80 x 30mm and a shaft height of 20 or 30mm New, easy…

Ari Faba LongLife

Specification: Two-ply bellows seal as standard DN 15-100 throttling plug as standard DN 15- 80 stem with fine thread as standard Lubricating nipple as locking device as standard Cast iron variations with nodular iron bonnet as standard Heat dissipating bonnet…

Ari Stobu

Specification: Proven technology Solid plug made of stainless material Solid stem made of stainless material Solid seat made of stainless material Stem with roll hardened thread Burnished stem High-tensile gland packing Favourable zeta-values also for small nominal diameters In cast…


Specification: Small diameter piping systems can present real problems when stress required. Space is generally critical. Conventional flanged expansion joints cannot be used without relocating piping runs. QFTU type solves this problem because of their screw ends.

Opti Gard

Specification: Tested to over 100,000 cycles Non-fragmenting design Manufactured in Hastelloy as standard Standard 2 week lead time Full vacuum service Allows for potential stock reduction of up to 65%

Ari Stevi 470 / 471

Specification: Compact design Precision guided stem Burnished stem Tapered seat ring Replaceable seat and plug Screwed seat ring Kvs-values reducible up to 6 times Rangeability 50 : 1 Post guided plug