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Composite Mag Drive

The Victorindo Company is one company that provides various types of valves and pumps. We have worked with various pump and valve companies to distribute their products. One of the products we introduce is Composite Mag Drive from Viking Pump.
The Composite Mag Drive Pump is one of the centrifugal pumps from the Viking Pump company which can be diplated to hold crucial fluids. This non-metallic centrifugal pump has a capacity of up to 125 LPM (33 GPM) with pressures up to 10 bar or equivalent to 150 PSI. This pump can withstand temperatures ranging from -40C to 65C. This pump has standardization for flange systems in accordance with DIN and ANSI.
This pump has several series or variations. CMD Mag Drive This series uses a motor to start the pump. The motor will work so as to cause a magnetic force which will pass through a tightly closed tube, causing the inner magnetic rotation of the Mag Drive. This working system will rotate the driving force magnet which will rotate the drive gear shaft so that it can carry fluid from suction to the discharge port.
This Composite Mag Drive combines a proven design with sophisticated engineering composites for pumps that are structurally sturdy and reliable in operation. This centrifugal pump is easy to service. This pump has a corrosive chemical application that can handle a wide pH range. This allows the same pump to be used for various liquids.
The Composite Mag Drive pump is designed to measure fluid in the control system and to transfer fluid from one tank to a simple tank. Fluoropolymer and ceramic materials moistened in this pump are very resistant to excessive corrosion. The bearings on this pump are able to run without any additional lubricant and produce coolant flow through the tube. The patent magnet system on the pump shaft is designed with a delayed spline that allows the magnet to align itself to the shaft without additional fasteners. Wear rings can be replaced at any time without having to remove the pump from the system and do not require special tools. This pump has the following features:


  • Inert composite materials for universal chemical compatibility
  • Compact design
  • Sealless Mag Drive (CMD)
  • Entirely non-metallic (CMD)
  • High repeatability for chemical metering
We from the Victorindo company are ready to serve you with all my heart. We will provide the best information and services regarding Composite Mag Drive products from Viking pump. If you wish to have this pump, you can directly visit our office PT. Victorindo. You can also visit social media or contact our contact below.
For further information, please contact the contact below:
Phone: +62 618 8809 911
LinkedIn: @victorindogroup

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