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Etaprime B/BN

The Victorindo Company is one of the largest distributor companies that provides palm oil mill pumps with various spare parts. Various companies have cooperated with us, one of them is KSB.
Etaprime B / BN is one of the centrifugal pumps from KSB which is often used in swimming pool water supply, fire fighting systems, irrigation systems, air conditioning systems, and industrial water cleaners. This pump has a high motor efficiency between 50Hz to 60Hz.
This centrifugal pump has a horizontal volute casing, with a single stage with an open vane impeller. Etaprime B / BN has a size of 40-140cm which is equipped with bracket bearings with pull-out design.
The volute casing on this pump has integrated cast legs and is very strong. With a clutch made with a torque-resistant and flexible design it is an advantage for Etaprime B / BN pumps. This centrifugal pump has accessories that are not less interesting, one of which is a temperature sensor which can actually detect milk.
One of the most interesting things about these pumps is that they are easy to disassemble and service because they are designed to pull out. The suction power of this pump is also extraordinary with self priming up to 9m. The clutch on this pump is very flexible with two choices without spacer arms or with spacer arms.
Etaprime B / BN has the same benefits, including these pumps are anti-corrosive, very resistant to gas and air. Etaprime pumps are very easy to disassemble without removing the casing from the pipe. Etaprime B / BN has a shaft sleeve that can be changed at any time to prevent wear on the pump shaft.
Etaprime B / BN self-priming with suction lifts up to 9m so that this pump is very efficient for irrigation or irrigation. Etaprime is very easy to maintain. This pump is equipped with an inspection hole so that the pump is very easy to clean. The foot valve at this pump can also be removed at any time if it is not needed under certain conditions.
Etaprime B / BN from KSB also has its own charm in the field of design and shape. In terms of its striking blue color, this pump makes it easy to see and recognize. The shape of the pump is very standard and sleek so that it can be carried or placed anywhere. Although the shape is slim and small, but this pump has an amazingly complex and compact working operating system. In general, this Valve has the following specifications:
  • Horizontal volute casing pumps, single-stage, with open multi-vane impeller.
  • On pump sizes 40-140 and above, the shaft is fitted with are placeable shaft sleeve in the shaft seal area.

Etaprime BN

  • Pump and motor flanged together to form a close-coupled unit,with standardized motor to DIN 42 677.
  • Pump shaft and motor shaft are rigidly connected.
  • Pump connections to DIN/EN or ASME.

Etaprime B

  • Pump and motor flanged
For those of you who want to know about Etaprime B/BN products from KSB, please visit the Victorindo company. Our company will serve customers wholeheartedly. We always emphasize the comfort and quality of existing goods.
For further information, please contact the contact below:
Phone: +62 618 8809 911
LinkedIn: @victorindogroup

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