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High quality equipment certainly has many benefits and advantages for a company. Centrifugal pump products are indispensable for the stability of industrial processes, such as the type of Dempla KWP pump. These products are sought after by various companies to support the course of their production, such as the palm oil processing industry. PT. Victorindo is one company that provides various types of oil palm pumps, gear pumps and valves.
In the industry itself, the pump becomes a component that has a very important role in the process of running an industry, for example to fill the reservoir, (reservoir), and others.
Dempla KWP pump is a single stage horizontal suction pump and the tip with a pull-out design. Radial flow impellers with multiple or multiple blades are adapted to various types of liquid to be pumped.
When the pump is working, the fluid pressure will increase from the pump inlet to the outlet. Changes in pressure will push fluid throughout the system.
This pump produces increased power by transmitting mechanical power from the electric motor to the liquid throughout the rotation of the impeller. The liquid flow will enter the center of the impeller and come out along with the blade. Centrifugal force increases the speed of fluid and also energy such as kinetic that can be changed.
This type of pump consists of at least two impellers. Each shaft consists of eight parts attached. Each part will increase the head on the fluid.
Centrifugal pump is a type of pump consisting of an impeller that has an inlet channel in the middle.
When an impeller rotates, fluid (fluid) will flow into the casing around the impeller so that it creates an impact on the centrifugal force.
This casing also serves to reduce fluid (fluid) but the rotational speed of the impeller remains high.
The use of this pump includes:
Sugar Industry: For pumping carbonated juices, thick and thin juices of all kinds, lime milk.
Paper Industry: For pumping pulp and cellulose water to a stock density of 3% shins.
Waste and chemical waste: To pump untreated chemical waste and waste, corrosive and abrasive media.
Food Industry: For pumping viscous mash, mixed grains and water, fruits and vegetables.
Aluminum Industry: For pumping aluminate liquids and bauxite mud.
Mining Industry: For pumping mixtures of water and solids (coal, ore, soil or mud).
Building services: For pumping ditch water, Asbestos-Cement mixture.

  • Horizontal, single stage, end suction pump with back pull out design. Radial flow impellers with double vane or multivane to suit different types of liquids to be pumped.


  • Sugar Industry : To pump carbonation juice, thick and thin juices of all kinds, milk of lime.
  • Paper Industry : To pump pulp water and cellulose up to a stock density of 3% bone dry.
  • Effluent and sewage : To pump untreated sewage and chemical effluents, corrosive and abrasive media.
  • Food Industry : To pump thick mash, mixtures of grain and water, fruits and vegetables.
  • Aluminium Industry : To pump aluminate liquor and Bauxite sludge.
  • Mining Industry : To pump mixtures of water and solids(coal, ore, earth or mud).
  • Building services : To pump trench water, mixture of Asbestos-Cement.
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