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PT. Victorindo is the most complete distributor of all types of valves. Our company provides various types of high quality palm oil mill pumps. One of the pumps from KSB is Mega.
KSB Mega is one of the high performance centrifugal pumps. These valves are often used in irrigation, water heating, air conditioning ventilation, fire fighting, and water handling in various industrial processes, such as paper, cellulose, sugar, food, and textiles. This pump is very effective for the paper and cellulose industry because it is very resistant to abrasive, aggressive and corrosive slurry wastewater. Mega pumps are highly recommended for coarse or fine particles from solid wastewater containing laden to corrosive sludge. Some of the applications of Mega pumps include:
  • Water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Heating, ventilation air-conditioning, fire fighting
  • Handling of water in various process industries like paper, cellulose, sugar, food and textile
Mega Slurry is designed with horizontal volute casing with maximum suction power. This centrifugal pump is modified with three propellers and impellers that are designed to pull back (pull out) so that it is easy to overhaul or service it yourself. The operation of this pump is very extensive with high performance.
Equipped with one stage (single stage) but with a very complex and compact pump system arrangement makes it easy to maintain at the wet end. Mega Slurry Pump also reveals a single wall shell and a high chrome chrome white steel connection plate. This pump is very durable in use for a long time because it has a wet end component that is designed for long service life with maximum maintenance.
Cartridge bearing assemblies with integral mounting flanges provide accurate equipment with easy pump maintenance. Pump design with an open impeller is very suitable for pumping large solids with good wear-resistant characteristics over a wide operating range. The rear pull design allows removal of the mechanical end without disturbing the wet end or piping.
With Drive End Bearings accessories, this pump can save energy up to 60%. The hedges used in this pump are made of metal with a size of A30. The capacity of the use of this pump is a maximum of 45m3 / hour equivalent to 200gmp.
This Mega Pump has its own charm in the accessories, appearance and shape. In terms of its striking blue color, it makes everyone interested in this pump. The pump design is very minimalist but the pump operating system is very complex and versatile making these pumps much in demand by customers. This pump is very sleek and easily placed anywhere. Although the shape is small and slim, this pump has a versatile function in various industries.
You might be interested in this Mega product from KSB. Maybe if you want to find out more about usage and product details, you can visit PT Victorindo office directly. You can also visit our website or contact us. We are ready to serve you.
For further information, please contact the contact below:
Phone: +62 618 8809 911
LinkedIn: @victorindogroup

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