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Metric Motor Speed

Metric Motor Speed  ​​Pump is an electric motor pump with two speeds for applications that require a combination of quality, price, and performance in an IEC motor. All pumps of this type are rich in features, high quality, lightweight, and are made to suit our customers’ most demanding applications. For this we add two speeds. Because system pressure has almost no impact on flow rates, unlike centrifugal pumps, internal gear pumps are very good for a continuous process where many flows are measured together. Handling a wide range of viscosities, they are perfect for cold climate applications where oil and chemicals can become very thick in winter, or to handle polymers whose viscosity increases through the reaction process.
The most compact gear pump features and benefits available to fit tight space restrictions. High speed operation for the most economical pumps is the right choice for thin to moderate viscosity applications. The vertical mounting option further reduces traces on the pump unit.
The operation of the motor speed eliminates the speed reduction equipment in thinner liquids. Patented feed flow and advanced gear geometry for optimized high-speed operation. The installation configuration saves available space to better suit installation needs. The installation of the IEC Motor and DIN seal chamber can accept various seals.
Flanges for motor mounting brackets eliminate the need to drive equipment and provide a better pump unit (Installation available for NEMA & IEC Motors). One-piece casing ensures leveling for maximum bearing and seal life. The expanded gear section and redesigned head allow for a higher height. The speed on the pump is sealed anti-friction so that the bearings eliminate the need for relubrication on the back of the rotor seal, so the shaft and bearing are not exposed to the media. The threaded piece of roar of the bearing allows for the final adjustment. Measuring port for easy measuring or transducer applications (location varies according to pump size). The presence of pressurized lubricated pin idlers and bushings to increase pin and bushing life.
Besides the advantages in terms of performance there is the advantage of a stable rotation of the pump and subsequently inhale the incoming fluid effectively. This type of high efficiency is designed because it naturally exits air from the flow pipe, and reduces the need for users to remove the air manually.


  • Motor speed operation eliminates speed reduction equipment on thinner liquids.
  • Patented root feed groove and advanced gear geometry for optimized high speed operation.
  • Space-saving mounting configurations available to better match your installation needs:
  • Foot Mount
  • IEC Motor Mount (Close-Coupled)
  • DIN seal chamber accepts a wide range of seals.
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Phone: +62 618 8809 911
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