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Nikkiso Non-Seal Centrifugal Canned Motor

PT. Victorindo provides various types of valves and pumps for palm oil mills. We have worked with various parties to distribute the products from them. One product from LEWA is Nikkiso Non-seal centrifuges.

Nikkiso canned centrifugal motor pumps are specifically used in the chemical industry for transfer and circulation tasks, especially for supercritical fluids. Nikkiso Non-seal centrifugal pump is designed with a leak-proof structure sealed from a centrifugal canned motor pump. In use, this centrifugal non seal motor pump applies flow rates up to 1,200m3 / hour and can work at high pressures up to 40 bar (at 50 Hz).

Nikkiso Non-seal centrifugal pump is very effective to be used to pump dangerous, toxic and supercritical liquid. This is because the stator on the pump has a two-layer structure, which consists of a stator liner, stator band, and a very tight terminal strip, thus allowing a high level of safety from dangerous liquids.

The liquid will be sent to the drain side when the pressure is raised by the impeller. A portion of the fluid can reach the motor and is used automatically to lubricate the bearings. The fluid can also cool the Nikkiso Non-seal centrifugal pump motor so it is not easily damaged. There are several advantages that can be obtained by using this Nikkiso Non-seal centrifugal pump, including this pump which has excellent high pressure characteristics. This is because the Nikkiso Non-seal centrifugal canned motor pump has a much better high pressure feature.

This pump is also very easy to service because fluid that reaches the motor can lubricate the shear part automatically, so no additional lubrication is needed. This pump is designed not to be too noisy and has a low vibration. Nikkiso Non-seal centrifugal pumps have low maintenance costs due to the relatively low number of components and real-time monitoring of bearing wear.

This centrifugal pump has a variety of interesting accessories, one of which is a remote display that can be operated remotely. Besides this pump also offers integrated remote display options such as alarms and emergency shutdown for this centrifugal pump.

The NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pump is specifically used in chemical industry for transfer and circulation tasks, particularly for supercritical fluids. The pump and motor are integrated in the sealed leak-proof structure of the centrifugal canned motor pump. The pump meets the specification of the API-685 standard.

In use, the centrifugal canned motor pump implements flow rates up to 1,200 m/h and works with pressures up to 53 bar (at 50 Hz).

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