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Speck Pumpen ASK

The need for industrial activity cannot be separated from centrifugal pumps. Centrifugal pumps are indeed much needed in industrial activities. Which one of them is a speck pump – speck pumpen ASK. Victorindo Group is a distributor of various types of steam, valve and pump for palm oil mills.
Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal pump itself is a pump that aims to convert kinetic energy into potential energy. Centrifugal pumps are very reasonable needed in industrial activities because there are many energy changes in the industry. For example the change in kinetic energy becomes potential, for example again changes in speed become dynamic and so on.
The change in kinetic energy to potential energy occurs inside the casing impeller inside the centrifugal pump. The impeller will spin inside the casing so that this energy change occurs.
Speck Pump – Speck Pumpen ASK
One variant of centrifugal pumps is multistage centrifugal pumps and one of its products is the ASK speck pump which is distributed by the Victorindo Group. The speck pumpen product offered by the Victorindo group is a multistage type centrifugal pump.
Multistage centrifugal pumps are centrifuges that consist of several impeller arrangements at the same time to produce more power.
Because there are a number of impeller in the ASK speck pump products, the double-strength centrifugal pump is very profitable and needed by certain industrial activities such as the palm oil industry. Some arrangement of the impeller is what makes the Speck Pumpen Ask can produce more power.
Here is a table that explains about this product in more detail:
Capacity Speed Temperature Nominal Pressure
50 cycles for a maximum of 160 U.S.GPM

60 cycles for a maximum of 185 U.S.GPM

1450 rpm with 50 cycles

1750 rpm with 60 cycles

Maximum of 180º C 580 PSI
In summary this pump has the following specifications:
  • Side channel pump in combination system
  • Self priming ? gas delivering
  • Delivery of liquids at unfavourable suction side conditions
  • Supply heads also possible below 1.6 feet(please contact factory)
  • Use of pump for liquids at boiling point
  • Increased safety factor of 0,5 m for NPSH value is recommended
  • Examples: boiler feed water, condensate, liquid gas, refrigerating medium,destillate, solvent
Speck pump – ASK speck pumpen from Victorindo group works well for solvents, distillates, cooling media, liquid gas, condensate and boiler feed water. Make sure the multistage type centrifugal pump used in your industry is the best pump to produce the best activity as well.
If you want to buy the product, then the recommendation of the engine provider with the best specifications is the Palm Oil Mill Distributor Pump PT. Victorindo Pratama Mandiri. PT. Victorindo is a trusted distributor of many entrepreneurs in the field of oil palm plantations to supply palm oil mill spare parts.
For further information, please contact the contact below:
Phone: +6261 88809 911
LinkedIn: @victorindogroup

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