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Palm Oil Mill Pump Distributor PT. Victorindo Pratama Mandiri is a provider of pumping machine products for use in palm oil mills. There are several types of pumping machines offered, for example one of them, UCN-BL, which is an important component in palm oil management.

Why is UCN-BL superior?

What is the reason for UCN-BL to be superior to similar pumps from other brands? Here are some of the reviews.

  • Shape of the Pump Machine

First, the pump engine is not only slim, but also quiet. Besides being functional, UCN BL can be designed to be connected directly to the B5 motor.

This centrifugal pump machine is used in many countries in Europe and the United States, because all industries that use valve engines have required valve pumping machines with the dimensions of the inlet and outlet ports according to DIN 24256 or ISO 2858 standards.

  • CorrosionResistant

Second, corrosion resistance. Indeed, appearance does not guarantee the operation of a pump valve. However, this product is designed with a corrosion resistant plastic coating. The pump case is coated with a thermoplastic resin namely PFA, where the compound will not be at risk when the engine lining system is operating. Because, this type of pump is usually vulnerable to chemical contamination and mechanical elemental pressure. But this is not the case with UCN-BL which is also its advantage.

  • Endurance

Third, this product has resistance when working at operating temperatures reaching 120 ° C and pressures up to 16 bar. In addition, this UCN-BL series pump can be installed with various types of single, double, or cartridge mechanical seals of any brand, both from domestic and international leading.

Of course, business owners are advised to use FC 35 CDR seals, which are standard seals that have been specifically designed to withstand the corrosive potential of chemicals. Of course, this pump is useful for use in all industrial sectors, especially palm oil processing factories, or all industries related to chemical elements, as well as factory waste.

Comparison of UCN-BL with Other Products

In addition to the above advantages, there are also several comparisons between UCN-BL and other products as follows:

Difference UCN BL Other Brands
Performance Q max = 80 m3 / h H = 65m <
Maximum temperature 0 ° C to +70 ° C <
Pressure level max 2 MPa (@ 20 ° C) and 1.2 MPa (@ 70 ° C) <


  • UCN-BL pumps are single stage, horizontal centrifugal pumps with conventional mechanical sealing.
  • In compact and silent close-coupled execution, they can be mounted on to B5frame motors.
  • Suction and discharge piping connections comply with DIN 24256 and ISO 2858 international standards.
  • The pump casing features a thermoplastic internal layer in PP, PVDF or PFA, moulded directly on to the cast iron casing shell (ILS Integrated Lining System), thus granting optimal grip even in vacuum situations.
  • The lining technology combines the optimal mechanical resistance of a metallic casing with the high corrosion resistance of the plastic material in contact with the liquid.
  • Thanks to its moulding technology, CDR UCN-BL pumps can resist to temperatures up to 120C and pressures up to16 bar.
  • UCN-BL pumps can mount different types of single, double and cartridge mechanical seals: besides the most common seals, CDR offers its own FC 35 seal, that has been engineered focusing on the exigencies
  • of corrosive dirty liquids.
  • Generously dimensioned shaft, closed, open and open recessed impellers, all benefiting of CDR unique impeller blocking system, conic stuffing box with anti-abrasion devices and leakage protection options
  • make the High-Tech UCN-L pump most appalling for the most arduous duties.
  • UCN-BL pumps are the optimal solution when handling with corrosive, toxic, badsmelling, radioactive,sterile and inflammable liquids.

With the best performance, this product clearly has more advantages than other products. That is why many oil palm entrepreneurs finally chose UCN-BL.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying this product, then entrust the Palm Oil Mill Distributor Pump PT. Victorindo Pratama Mandiri. We will provide a large selection of the best products that are ready to be sent throughout Indonesia with an official guarantee.

For further information, please contact the contact below:

Phone: +6261 88809 911

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