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Aquaflow SC

The rapid technology has made many supporting equipment products to run various effective and efficient industrial processes. One of them is pump type products, where the products are always maintained quality and effectiveness in order to meet the needs of a company. Elfab Aquaflow SC products are sought after from various companies including palm oil mills. PT Victorindo provides a variety of pumps, palm oil mill pumps, gear pumps and valves, one of which is Elfab Aquaflow SC.
When we pump, we are actually putting air from outside into the tire. From this incident we can deduce the definition of pump. A pump is a set of tools or machinery that is used to move air or fluid (fluid) from one place to another by increasing the pressure. Palm oil processing requires Elfab Aquaflow SC pumps to produce clear and quality products.
With this pressure, we can move fluid both vertically and horizontally. Fluid is a substance whose paticles can move freely so they can change shape.
Basically a centrifugal pump is a pump consisting of one or more impellers equipped with blades which are mounted on a rotating shaft. And covered with volut-shaped casing.
This type of pump is the most commonly used type throughout the world. The advantage of this pump is that it has a pressure that is strong enough, efficient and quite cheap in its manufacture.
Elfab Aquaflow SC pumps are designed for heavy duty purposes. Split casing with a liner that can be replaced. Closed impeller for good hydraulic balance, high efficiency and low axial confidence. This type of flange is a suction hole designed with holes for easy installation in accordance with the standards of all ISO, DIN, JIS & BS Standards, Shafts – SS or HTS, SS Sleeve – for shaft protection.
The Elfab Aquaflow SC pump is a product that is packed with characteristics and has interesting features because it is made of special metal and modern models. And much in demand in the market, therefore the palm oil industries use this type of pump. In addition, companies with processed products are liquid.


  • Heavy duty design; split casing with replaceable liner
  • Closed impeller for good hydraulic balance, high efficiency and low axial trust
  • Flanges Type are slotted holes suction flanges for easy mounting conforming to all ISO, DIN,
  • JIS & BS Standards
  • Shaft – SS or HTS
  • SS Sleeve – for the protection of shaft
If you are looking for Elfab Aquaflow SC pump products, we are the solution for you. We of PT Victorindo serve the purchase of Elfab Aquaflow SC products. You can contact directly to the distributor PT Victorindo. We work directly with companies that produce Elfab Aquaflow SC, so the product is original and of good quality. For the sake of maintaining customer satisfaction. You do not need to worry if there are problems with these tools in the future because we also prepare reliable technicians to service or repair the equipment.
For further information, please contact the contact below:
Phone: +62 618 8809 911
LinkedIn: @victorindogroup

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