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Electrically Heated

The development of the industry is progressing, so are the pump products for the needs of induatria. Working with pump supplier professionals throughout the world, PT Victorindo has distributed various types of pumps for emulsion reduction, blown, filled, and polymer-modified uses, as well as related products such as pitch, tar, and heavy oils. By responding to various designs, sizes, materials and options. Because of the best quality, PT Victorindo as a distributor provides various types of pumps.
To melt solid material in the pump before starting, the pump is available with a traditional casing for circulating steam or hot oil, or with a built-in electric heat cartridge. Electric heat cartridges offer a number of advantages for steam, oil heat transfer or electric heat tracking, including: Precise temperature control until just above the melting point, compared to steam or hot oil which uses higher temperatures to compensate for heat loss through long running pipes. Allow specific temperatures for certain products. No need for a separate heating system. Minimize energy use – the heater turns off when the setpoint is reached, compared to steam or hot oil in constant circulation Eliminates heat loss in long steam pipes or hot oil runs to a remote pump. Eliminates the possibility of heat transfer oil leaks. Eliminates the possibility of CR.
Our commitment to customer needs is reflected in the international network. They provide expertise in the selection, installation, initiation, operation and service. Our products are made by qualified technicians in their manufacturing.
The advantages of the following Festo Electrically Heated pump.
Lower installation costs in remote locations when steam or hot oil is not available or long piping is needed.
Reducing environmental costs by eliminating hot oil leakage.
Reducing energy costs with heat sources at the pump vs. tracking external heat.
Simplified service by eliminating hot oil or steam pipe connections.
Besides the advantages in terms of performance there is the advantage of a stable rotation of the pump and subsequently inhale the incoming fluid effectively. This type of high efficiency is designed because it naturally exits air from the flow pipe, and reduces the need for users to remove the air manually.
This Festo Electrically Heated Pump has a flow power of 155 m3 / hour. Making this pump with a cast iron process, there are lip seals, and mechanical seals so as to minimize the level of leakage. The special metal is available to support resistance to pressures up to 14 bar and withstand temperatures of -50 to 230oC.


  • Lower installation costs in remote locations when steam or hot oil is not available or long piping runs are required.
  • Reduced environmental costs by eliminating hot oil leaks.
  • Reduced energy costs with heat source in pump vs. external heat tracing.
  • Simplified service by eliminating hot oil or steam pipe connections.
PT Victorindo can be an option for you, because we provide pumps, gear pumps, valves, etc. with original and high-quality goods. You can contact directly to the distributor PT Victorindo. We work directly with companies that produce pumps. To maintain customer satisfaction. You do not need to worry if there are problems with these tools in the future because we also prepare reliable technicians to service or repair the equipment.
For further information, please contact the contact below:
Phone: +62 618 8809 911
LinkedIn: @victorindogroup

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