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As we know, this palm oil commodity is much needed by the community. The scope of the need for oil palm is not only limited to Indonesia, but is also needed on an international scale. Even the demand for palm oil has always increased significantly – aside from being used for cooking oil, it is also used as biodiesel fuel.

To produce high-quality palm oil, the palm oil mill requires all palm oil machines to process it. PT. Victorindo Pratama Mandiri is a distributor of palm oil mill pumps located in Medan, North Sumatra and already has branches in other major cities.

One of the distribution brands of PT. Victorindo is a Multitec KSB pump that has the function to draw water with high pressure to produce work that is fast, concise and practical. For example for water supply pumps, irrigation, power plants and more.

Some features of Multitec KSB


1 Flexible

Ideal adjustment of suction and discharge nozzles to the Hydraulic Pump system.

2 Low NPSH

Special suction impeller.

3 Reliable

Wear resistant, plain alignment pads made of silicon carbide.

4 High availability

Axial push balance for a long service life.

5 Friendly service

Easy disassembly of bearings and mechanical seals.

6 Low operating costs

Only one shaft seal and hydraulic system with optimum efficiency.

7 Versatile

A large selection of materials and designs

8 Energy savings of up to 60%

On pump sets equipped with PumpDrive, the motor speed is controlled automatically to match current demand.

Multitec Series Palm Oil Pump Plant

The following table describes the KSB-multitec design.

The design Shaft Seal
Rolling element bearings Has Possible Seals Cartridges
Rolling element bearings Uncooled gland packing
Plain bearings are product lubricated Standard mechanical seals, both uncooled and single-acting
Radial suction and discharge nozzle

In general these centrifugal pumps have the following Specification:


  • Horizontal or vertical multistage centrifugal pump in ring section design, as long-coupled (base plate mounted) or close-coupled unit.
  • Axial or radial suction nozzle. Radial suction and discharge nozzle can be turned in multiples of 90.
  • Flanges to EN, DIN and ANSI (bolt holes, flange face)
  • Closed radial impellers, from pump size 50 upwards first stage with suction impeller to improve the NPSH value.
  • Bearings/Lubrication
  • Drive side: rolling element bearings
  • Suction side: plain or rolling element bearings, depending on installation type
  • Lubrication: Rolling element bearings grease lubricated, oil lubrication possible. Plain bearings are product lubricated.

Shaft seal

  • Standardized mechanical seal, uncooled or cooled, single-acting or double-acting.
  • Cartridge seals possible.
  • Uncooled gland packing with or without barrier liquid.

Where to get the Multitec KSB Palm Oil Pump Factory

The best KSB Multitec oil palm pump factory is of course only available at PT. Victorindo Pratama in Medan. PT. Victorindo has experienced since 2003 as a distributor of palm oil mill pumps – and even has 2 subsidiaries in the same industry. For that, if you need a high quality KSB Multitec Palm Oil Pump Plant – and sustainable after sales services, then PT. Victorindo is your first choice.

In addition to getting original products, you will also get many advantages, such as friendly service, official guarantee, and delivery throughout Indonesia.

For further information, please contact the contact below:

Phone: +6261 88809 911

IG: @victorindogroup

FB: Victorindo Group

LinkedIn: @victorindogroup

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