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Universal 682 Pump

PT Victorindo as a distributor provides various types of pumps, such as Universal 682 Pump. PT Victorindo also provides spare parts for pumping needs including gear pumps, screw pumps, boilers, palm vibrating screens, and so on. The Universal 682 pump series with API 682 seals is equipped with a series of pumps that offer flexibility and adaptability to Universal Seals, and combining them with the brackets accepts cartridge seals that comply with API 682.
This type of pump Universal 682 is an internal gear pump pump. As for its features, which are steel or stainless steel pumps with API 682 4 bolt cartridge seals, but with standard exceptions.
The advantages of this pump between the large diameter threaded bearing housing allows easy removal of cartridge seals. The seal chamber accepts most brands of seal cartridges according to API 682. Tapered roller thrust bearings provide a minimum of 25,000 hours of L-10 life at maximum flow, pressure, and viscosity. Several port sizes, types and ratings are available including threaded, raised and flanged faces. The bearing housing is protected by a standard seal lip, with a maze of seal options. The one-piece cast bracket provides a rigid foundation to maximize seals and bring life. The rotor can be adjusted to compensate for life or for higher temperatures or viscosity by turning the screw bearing housing. Standard plain head. Seal for ventilation ports of pump room start-up and drying before maintenance. The raised bracket allows heating or cooling. Casing and head jacketing options. Rectangular to transmit more torque.
Besides the advantages in terms of performance there is the advantage of a stable rotation of the pump and subsequently inhale the incoming fluid effectively. This type of high efficiency is designed because it naturally exits air from the flow pipe, and reduces the need for users to remove the air manually.
This type of pump has a flow power of 365 m3 / hour. Making this pump with a cast iron process, there are lip seals, and mechanical seals so as to minimize the level of leakage. The special metal is available to support resistance at pressures up to 14 to 28 bar and withstand temperatures of -84 to 370oC.
      This type of pump is designed to have the best features and components. Therefore, these pumps are in demand in the local and international markets.


Universal 682 Series (models 4223AA/4323AA)
Steel or stainless steel pumps with 4-bolt mount API 682 cartridge seals, but with exceptions to the standard.

Universal Seal Series (models 4223A/4323A)
Steel or stainless steel pumps with 2-bolt mount cartridge seals, with exceptions to the standard.

PT Victorindo can be an option for you, because we provide pumps, gear pumps, valves, etc. with original and high-quality goods. You can contact directly to the distributor PT Victorindo. We work directly with companies that produce quality pumps. To maintain customer satisfaction. You do not need to worry if there are problems with these tools in the future because we also prepare reliable technicians to service or repair the equipment.
For further information, please contact the contact below:
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