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XPD 676 Pump

Internal Gear technology was invented in 1902 by the founder of Viking Pump, the world’s leading provider of internal gear process pumps. An internal gear pump is a positive displacement rotary pump that transfers the same amount of fluid with each shaft revolution. The flow rate is directly proportional to speed, which allows easy control over the entire performance range using a variable speed drive. Because system pressure has almost no impact on flow rates, unlike centrifugal pumps, internal gear pumps are very good for a continuous process where many flows are measured together. Handling a wide range of viscosities, they are perfect for cold climate applications where oil and chemicals can become very thick in winter, or to handle polymers whose viscosity increases through the reaction process.
Viking’s commitment to customer needs is reflected on international networks. They provide expertise in the selection, installation, initiation, operation and service. Viking XPD 676 Pump products are supported by reliable technicians in their manufacture. The points of excellence are as follows.
Offshore Oil Platform
There are some environments that are more dangerous than offshore oil platforms. Safety is very important, without room for error. Major oil companies choose Viking XPD 676 pumps that are suitable for process applications (crude oil transfer) and utilities on oil platforms. This pump easily handles temperature-related changes in fluid viscosity, and offers the biggest uptime guarantee of each Viking Pump, a company known for its reliability.
Petrochemical Plants
The petrochemical process handles a variety of materials, from thin solvents to ultra-thick polymers. Large petrochemical companies chose Viking XPD 676 pumps suitable for polyols at its Middle East facilities because improved reliability was ensured by meeting standards.
Oil refinery
Refineries that handle heavier crude oil, especially in extreme climates, can experience NPSHa problems related to incoming raw materials and inter-plant transfers using centrifugal or high-speed screw pumps. Major oil companies selected Viking XPD 676 pumps which were suitable for lowering crude oil from carriages to processing.


API 676  Positive Displacement Pumps Rotary, 3rd Edition, Nov. 2009 is a standard put forth by the American Petroleum Institute which covers the requirements for rotary positive displacement process pumps and pump units for use in the petroleum, petrochemical, and gas industry services.

XPD 676 Series (models 4223AX/4323AX) Steel pumps with 4-bolt mount API 682 cartridge seals and NO exceptions to the API 676 standard.

PT Victorindo can be an option for you, because we provide pumps, gear pumps, valves, etc. with original and high-quality goods. You can contact directly to the distributor PT Victorindo. We work directly with companies that produce pumps with the Viking brand. To maintain customer satisfaction. You do not need to worry if there are problems with these tools in the future because we also prepare reliable technicians to service or repair the equipment.
For further information, please contact the contact below:
Phone: +62 618 8809 911
LinkedIn: @victorindogroup

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